Straight Line Appraisal Inc

Who Am I

My name is guy hall

I am a southern california fha approved “state certified real estate appraiser” (screa). I cover orange, I specialize in what is considered to be “personal property” or “chattel” manufactured homes. These homes are most commonly referred to as “manufactured/mobile homes in manufactured home parks”. Manufactured homes can also be located in condominium, Co-op or resident owned communities.

To ensure that you receive a quality appraisal always request a california state licensed real estate appriaser with specific experience in personal property manufactured housing. 

I caution against using an on-line appraisal service that has you fill in the blanks and then forwards you a value. These appraisals are not reliable for lending purposes and are commonly below market value.

Also be careful of appraisal services that send out an unlicensed inspector to take notes & pictures of your home and then e-mails your data, many times to an out of state location, for a report to be written by someone else generally not licensed in california. The individual that inspects your home is the person that should be writing the report and should be licensed in california. This advice should result in a quality appraisal that you and your lender can rely on.