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FHA Approved & State Certified Real Estate Appraiser

If you're looking for an FHA-approved & trustworthy appraiser in California, Appraisal Guy INC is your go-to source. Not only are we FHA qualified, but we are also state-certified and have an extensive background in the field. With a pledge to deliver cost-effective solutions that exceed expectations, it's no wonder our reviews speak for themselves.


We have the expertise and experience to provide accurate and reliable assessments to help our clients make informed decisions. Our real estate appraisal services are tailored to meet each client and property's individual needs, ensuring that our clients receive the best possible service. Whether you are a broker, personal property lender, or portfolio lender, you can rely on our expertise to get an accurate appraisal. 

Delivering Quality Appraisal Services Since 2014

When it comes to manufactured appraisals, we can perform appraisals for pre-listing purposes, refinancing, relocations, bankruptcies, divorces, and more. We also specialize in commercial appraisals for lenders and brokers looking for expert opinions on the market value or feasibility of projects. 

We understand that each property is unique and therefore requires a custom approach. That’s why we provide customized solutions that meet our clients' needs. Our goal is to assist our clients in understanding all aspects of their investment and provide them with comprehensive reports on the value of their property. 

We have the best and FHA-approved appraiser with extensive experience assessing properties across various markets. Most importantly, to ensure accuracy and reliability, we use advanced technology combined with industry best practices to assess properties quickly and accurately.

State Certified Real Estate Appraiser, FHA Approved


Why Choose Appraisal Guy INC As Your FHA-Approved Appraiser?

Appraisal Guy INC is FHA-approved and ready to help you with any appraisal needs you may have. Our experienced appraiser has the knowledge and expertise to accurately assess the market value of your home or other real estates. 

At Appraisal Guy INC, we believe in providing exceptional customer service throughout the entire process, from initial contact to final report delivery. Therefore, with Appraisal Guy, you can rest assured that your appraisal requirements are being addressed efficiently and accurately at all times. 

We look forward to working with you handling your home & manufactured housing appraisal needs! Call us for more information about Appraisal Guy INC.